Type of Booth and Participation Fee  
Type of Booth and Participation Fee
Raw Space Standard Shell
USD 2,600 USD 3,100
- Remarks : Space Only
- Size : 3m×3m
※ The booth must only be constructed by the company allowed by KINTEX.
- Remarks : Packaged Space
- Package : Space, Booth Wall, Fascia Board, Carpet, Light, Electricity(1kw), Information desk*1, Chair*1
- Size : 3m×3m
  • Exhibitors may opt pay the total participation fee in two installments. These installments must be paid according to the following schedule.
Contract Deposit 50% of total booth cost within a week of the application
Remaining Balance 50% of the total booth cost and utility charges 19th, July, 2019
Application Deadline
  • 19th July, 2019

* Application may be rejected if all space has been reserved

Account Information for Wire Transfer
Account Information for Wire Transfer
Bank Branch Account Holder Account No.
WOORI Bank GANGNAM DAERO KR Communications Co.,Ltd. 1081-200-459193
Facilities costs  
Facilities costs
Classification Unit Price(USD)
Electricity Single Phase 220V $ 50/Kw
(24 Hours : $ 70/Kw)
Three Phase 220V
Three Phase 380V
Telephone $ 150 /EA
Water & Drainage $ 200 /EA
Compressed Air $ 200 /EA
LAN $ 150 /PORT
Bar-code Reader $ 200 /EA